Inter-Actions Social Media Services began as a video marketing company utilizing expertise developed though years of experience in website development, video editing, production and syndication, e-commerce solutions and web-based marketing campaigns.

The name of the company reflects the synergy needed between all these services, to leverage the power of each into a dynamic whole. These Inter-Actions bring incredible strength into the marketplace.

Today many of Inter-Actions’ clients are refreshing or replacing their current or aging websites with responsive websites that can adapt to the screen size of the device on which they are seen, whether that be a tablet, iPhone, laptop or even a desktop computer. With mobile rising at about the same rate as desktops are declining, these shifts now have to be not only recognized, but anticipated if a business expects to maintain, let alone grow its market share.

Inter-Actions is primarily a company dedicated to the success of other businesses by leveraging multiple web-based assets into a cohesive whole, seamlessly delivering the return on investment they demand.