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Your “Mobile First” Strategy

There is a fairly new catchphrase going around the marketing sphere.  The term is “mobile first,” and it means that as a company thinks about its website or its other digital means of communications, it should be thinking critically about the mobile experience and how customers and employees will interact with it from their many devices.

While most marketers understand what a mobile app is, and also likely have heard or gone through the exercise of creating a responsive website, far fewer map out what a mobile-first customer journey looks like.

Inter-Actions helps business to develop mobile-friendly responsive websites to attract customers into a business, while also developing mobile apps to build a community of customers or members who stay engaged with the business.

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Inter-active Voice Recognition Training App

In 2014, Inter-Actions worked with a development team to produce the first-of-its-kind voice activated interactive training app using the latest in voice recognition technology. This was a custom app designed to meet the specific needs of the client.

Inter-Actions also produced the demo video and landing pages to market the app to training professionals around the world. You can check out the complete landing page here.

Costs for custom apps are many times those of “template” apps due to the high degree of specialization and customer needs. Should your requirements be simple or ground-breaking, Inter-Actions can design the mobile app solution exactly right for you.