Targeting and Re-Targeting Your Marketing with Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology has re-invented traditional banner advertising. In the same way that search engines use keywords, RTB uses behavioral and demographic data to target ads at specific audiences, producing results like never before.

Until now, the power of RTB has only been available to big-budget brands and agencies. We believe that advertisers of all sizes should have access to world-class RTB technology.

Targeting and Retargeting for Your Business

Real-Time Bidding

We process over 250,000 ad opportunities per second and respond to them, on your behalf, in under 10 milliseconds. Which means you win more ad space.

Real-Time Statistics

No waiting hours or days for reporting. Watch your ad campaigns perform live, and optimize them in real time. Less delay means less wasted ad spend.

Granular Reporting

Never again do you have to wonder where your ads are being shown. We provide full reporting transparency down to the site, placement and creative levels.

Maximum Reach

We plug into all major ad exchanges, giving you access to tens of billions of impressions on both web and mobile devices every day.

Built-In Ad Serving

No ad server? No problem. Our ad platform does all your ad serving and content delivery. For all your ad campaigns. No charge.




Creating a custom media plan is easy. Simply filter our list of over 30,000 websites by category, country, exchange, device type, and more. Then save your plan for use in your next campaign.


You don’t need to be a programmer to add dynamic elements to your banners. Use geo-tokens to incorporate a visitor’s location in your ads, and increase conversions and ad recall.


Organizing all of your banner ads can be a hassle. Upload them once to your AdVault, making it easy to insert them into future campaigns.

Performance Controls

Online advertising needs to perform. We give you controls to track and optimize your campaigns, so that you can achieve your goals.

Conversion Tracking

The most straightforward way to determine if you are running a profitable campaign. Track conversion and revenue for use in your reporting.

Landing Page Tracking

Track the performance of your landing pages by adding a small piece of code to them. See how many people click through to your next step.

Frequency Capping

Limit how often your ad is shown to the same person in a given time period. Increase or decrease the cap, depending on whether your goal is performance or branding.

Budget Pacing

Ensure that your entire budget isn’t spent off the hop. Our custom-built pacing solution ensures that your budget is delivered evenly.

Day Parting

Certain ad campaigns perform better at different times of the day. Use our hourly reports to figure out when your campaigns perform best, and set them to run only during those times.



Targeting Options

Paint a vivid picture of your ideal customer. Now, use our precision targeting to find them.


Get a second chance to make a first impression. Target people that have already visited your website with custom ad campaigns designed to bring them back.


You can infer consumer interests by the content they read online. Contextual targeting allows you to serve them an ad right on the page containing content that is relevant to your ad campaign.


Use demographic and consumer-interest targeting to show ads solely to your target audience. No more wasted ad buys.


Our geographic targeting is so powerful that you can show your ads to anyone, anywhere. Target by country, region, city, or zip code.


Protect your brand by limiting ads only to approved websites, or blacklisting sites you don’t want.

Mobile Targeting

Show your ads to your target audience, anywhere they go.

Mobile Carrier

Show your ads only to devices operating under particular mobile carriers. Different consumers are attracted to different carriers. Test each separately to optimize performance.

Mobile Handset

iPhone or Android? Smart phone or feature phone? Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC One X? Your call.


You can tell a lot about someone from the devices they use. You can show your ads to Windows users or Apple users. On desktop devices or mobile devices. Even tablets, smart TVs and game consoles.


If you’re advertising a plugin or marketing a product designed for specific browsers, you’re in luck. You can even target browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer.


Inter-Actions has partnered with SiteScout to bring “Big Time” marketing practices to small businesses economically and effectively.


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Targeting and Retargeting for Your Business

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