The Science of Search Engine Optimization

Inter-Actions has teamed up with one of the top SEO companies in the world to provide it’s clients with measurable results when they want to appear on the first pages of organic searches for their key words. Website and page optimization is only the beginning.

Effective SEO is built on back-linking your site to other authority sites, article and press release campaigns, blog posting, social bookmarking and sharing, local business listings, and social media promotions to name a few. Inter-Actions can do it all for you plus provide indepth and regular reporting.

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Contextual Promotions

Contextual promotion (linkbuilding) is not only the basis of SEO, it’s the basis of how every major search engine still determines a website’s value in comparison to its competitors. Contextual links are still key to ranking well in any search engine, including Google.



Even after the game-changing curveballs thrown at the SEO industry by Google recently (Panda, Penguin & Link Penalties), there is one strategy that continues to drive outstanding results, like clockwork. We call it Tiered Dominance.
Also known as Backlink Pyramids, this is a strategy where we can truly combine 100% whitehat backlinking with powerful PageRank amplification.
To accomplish this, we use a series of “buffers” (tiers) to focus the accumulation of PageRank from thousands of backlinks into just a handful of fully legitimate publications on highly authoritative websites – which then focus & funnel all of that “juice” to your target website.
Furthermore, this in itself is actually a natural occurence in the overall link-graph. Usually when an authority / news site publishes content, that content is then referenced, cited and otherwise linked to from hundreds, sometimes thousands of other smaller sites & social activity all over the web.

We simulate that effect – and we do it very well…

Tiered Dominance Stage 1: Aztec

This is a powerful link structure, perfect for giving your site a noticeable boost and dose of fresh links supported by multiple tiers. All Tier 1 properties are created with 100% unique, high-quality content from our US writers. Included in the Aztec are:

Tier 1: 5 Web 2.0 authority properties & 100 Social Bookmarks

Tier 2: 12-20 Web 2.0 Blogs (PR4+), 100+ Article Submissions, 100-125 Web 2.0 Blogs (PR1+) & 5,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)

Tier 3: 10,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)

Stage 1 Tiered Dominance SEO

Tiered Dominance Stage 2: Giza Pyramid

This is our most powerful structure and the best way to inject your site with real, authoritative links embedded within US written content. We heavily reinforce each layer of links (which is an advanced tactic) and this results in powerful, rank-boosting effects. The package consists of:

Tier 1: 10 Web 2.0 Authority Properties, 200 Social Bookmarks & 1 Pro Press Release

Tier 2: 12-20 Web 2.0 Blogs (PR4+), 150-200+ Article Submissions, 200-250+ Web 2.0 Blogs (PR1+) & 10,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)

Tier 3: 20,000 Supportive Backlinks for Reinforcement (Powered by our SmartMention technology)

Tiered Dominance Stage 2: Giza


Supportive promotions (backlinking) are generally built on widely-used platforms across the web – and such links are generally quite easy to obtain, but add considerable value when taken into cumulative effect. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly – it’s these types of supportive links that add considerable diversity and natural-profiling to an overall campaign.


A very effective strategy for amplifying the ranking signals you already have is to heavily reinforce, or promote, your existing tier-1 backlink sources. This is often far more economical than acquiring “high PR” links through traditional methods.


It’s no secret that search engines are gradually going to be including social signals in their overall ranking algorithms to determine the importance & trustworthiness of a website. There is already evidence to suggest that this is the case.

This includes: Facebook® promotion, Google® Plus™ promotion, Twitter® promotion, and more!

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